About Us

Colors and variety of our second home country....

Colors, fabrics, handicrafts, smiling and sad faces; women and men in their villages, in gecekondus (houses built over night), in the happily mixed bazaars or along the footpath (at the side of the road)…

After many years of living in Turkey we are still fascinated by the colorful variety and cultural richness of the country and its people. Nevertheless we are aware of the tremendous gap within the society, east and west, city and countryside and especially between men and women.

Travelling through the countryside we never stop discovering. We search, collect, rummage and find materials for our new products. Those are sometimes places you normally would pass by. We make new contacts and friends with male and female artisans, families and owners of small enterprises.

Enthusiasm and love for traditional crafts and textile handicrafts are the motivation for us to explore. Our vision is the connection between tradition and the modern age, between Turkish charm and european clarity, which we want to realize in our products.

Our aim is to draw attention to the traditional crafts in Turkey, to support the production of handwoven fabrics and root colors, and especially encourage socially disadvantaged women and cooperatives by producing together and by accessing to the sales market.

We really do enjoy our work and are happy to share this feeling with the Turkish women and their families as well as our national and international  customers.