Eldoku now in the Historic Pilavoğlu Han

Eldoku now in the Historic Pilavoğlu Han

Pilavoğlu Han (shelter) was built in the 16th or 17th Century to host visitors in Ankara. Nowadays it is meeting point and workplace for artists and artisans.

You can find this historic place in Ulus, the oldest part of town, right across from the Koç Museum. 

Huge wooden gates adorn both entrances of the structure and welcome visitors to stroll through the passage, lined with quaint little shops and workshops.

The shop owners are happy to show you around and answer questions you might have about this unique place. 

Pilavoğlu Han was constructed in the Middle Ages and its original name was “Ali Paşa Han”. The shelter was overlooking the former horse market.

Apart from small repairs the original architecture is still preserved and has not lost any of its former charm - one reason why many visitors enjoy this fascinating atmosphere. 

At times the building was used as a prison for children and women, later as a warehouse for local traders, and more recently as a shelter for poor and homeless people. 

A few years ago the upper rooms were still occupied by some individuals while the entrance area was used as workshops by craftsmen.

Today local artisans and artists have settled in these rooms and bring back the old spirit of the ancient times.

Very attractive is the inner courtyard with its shops and a cozy restaurant. From there the visitor can climb upstairs to explore the workshops.

The Eldoku Team was very much attracted by the special atmosphere of this place and moved into a room with an enchanting view of Ankara.

Come visit our workshop in this unique setting!

The Eldoku Team 

We want to thank the Lavarla Team for the kindness of sharing their informations about Pilavoğlu Han. www.lavarla.com