S.S. Ankara Zeytindalı Kadın, Çevre, Kültür ve İşletme Koop

The 'S.S. Ankara Zeytindali (olive branch) Kadin, Cevre, Kültür ve Isletme Kooperatifi' (women co-operative for environmental consciousness and culture)  was founded in the year of 2004 and was involved in different educatıonal projects. At the moment the organization is busy with two main craftmanship. Beside its silver workshop, a second mainstay is the tailor's workshop, which was founded in 2007 as a women co-operative 'Kozadan Ipege – Ev Eksenli Calısan Kadin Kooperatifi' (From cocoon to silk – women organization for those, who want to be skilled as an outworker). Since 2014 this organization has joined the 'S.S. Ankara Zeytindali Kadin, Cevre, Kültür ve Isletme Kooperatifi'.

The cooperative is now targeting a more institutional structure which would create bigger market area for their members thus putting them into  more " an advisory " role for the Mamak women society.

Since its establishment 'Eldoku' works together with this women co-operative and has developed a particularly strong relationship with the team of the tailor's workshop. We are constantly in touch and the products are something to be proud of.

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