Defne & Apollon Silk Plantation

In 1997 Ms Emel and Mr Fikret decided to establish a silkplantation in the region of Hatay/Turkey. They wanted to carry on the tradition of the art-craftwork of silk production and processing.

This meant long long hours of very hard work. Besides the crafting of fine textile, they wanted to integrate all the process in-house, fabric from silk, dying, breeding of silk worms, obtaining fiber and planting mulberry trees, whose leaves are the main nutrition for the worms. All products from Defne & Apollon are handmade and from natural material.

Actually their plantation is a family business,  but at the same time they safeguard the jobs for many lokal residents. Mr Fikret is responsible for the marketing and financial activities, where Ms Emel is dealing with the artistic aspects and the smooth running of the plantation. Designing patterns and colours, dying and quality control are all in her charge.

From the cultural point of view the region of Hatay was always full of color and vitality.

Political and social disturbances how ever affected life and business lately, especially silk plantations in the area. 

Eldoku receives all its fine silk material from 'Defne & Apollon Silk Plantation'.