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120.00TL Ex Tax: 120.00TL

This string bag is crocheted with natural hemp yarn and  available in various colors. Genu..

145.00TL Ex Tax: 145.00TL

Inspiring useful, large crocheted bag made of different colours of raffia yarn. The inner cloth is f..

140.00TL Ex Tax: 140.00TL

This backpack - designed  by Eldoku - is a synthesis of crocheted ruffia  and traditional ..

135.00TL Ex Tax: 135.00TL

'Crocheted shoulder bag' made from raffia - modern and casual. Colored stripes give the main yellow ..

130.00TL Ex Tax: 130.00TL

This backpack is an ideal companion  throughout the summer. Handknit from ruffia, with a colour..

170.00TL Ex Tax: 170.00TL

For those with original taste: a large shoulder bag. The front is knitted with handspun yarn, w..

120.00TL Ex Tax: 120.00TL

Large very usefull crochet hemp bag with a cute authentic accessory (handmade). The adjustable shoul..

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