Cherry Pit Therapy Pillow

  • 30.00TL
  • Sağlık
  • 2-3 Days

A warm cherry pit pillow for babys or children instead of the conventional rubber hot water bottle. Heated up in the microwave or oven its fill retrains the heat delivering natural warmth. The penetrating warmth of the pillow relaxes a painful neck or sore muscles. Babys or toddlers suffering from colic or stomach pain can be helped soothing and cold feed and hands can be warmed up. Heated up beforehand the cherry pit pillow becomes your fellow friend making a walk outside in wintertime. The only thing you have to do is placing it into your jacket pocket. The outer lining is washable

Price includes practical cloth string bag.


Material: Cotton, Cherry Stones

Dimensions:  21 x 21 cm

Weight: 500 g

100 % handmade

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